by Astralnaut

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Embrace the Path


Equilibrium by AstralnauT

Ov fire, fervent flame, provisor of life
Ov ice, the chill of death.
Symmetry of forces
Ov day, Ov night!

For the answers you seek,
Know thyself, explore the astral plane
You must go on the path
to find true wisdom

Progenitors of knowledge
Positive and negative subsistence
Divulge your essence
your boundaryless space

Blending energies
on your journey through the mysteries
Through the eye of the mind, what we know
Sets us free!

Diametrical spirits
Born Ov the same mother
Pervading all
Release us from bondage

Now you'll begin to see
mixing of opposing energy
You will learn to sense the prime, eternal force
that's in us!

Raise the middle pillar, lift the veil!
To evolve, you must embrace the spiritual
For to me, it is no mystery
Embrace the path; equilibrium!


released May 6, 2015




Astralnaut Lexington, Kentucky

Hieromage Ophiuchus- Astral riffs/ incantations//

Magus Yum Cimil- Astral riffs/ incantations//

Czernobog-Atmosphere manipulation

Infernal-Dimension manifestation

Beast E- Ritualistic beats
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